Anna Morrish
This is the first blog post of many. This being the all important introduction... but I do not wish to bore you, so I shall keep it short and sweet so we can get to the good parts. This website is rather new, but I hope that it will grow and spout in all different angles, and I am excited to see where it will take me.

If you’re reading this, thank you and please do leave comments and contact details to get involved and share your thoughts and ideas. I will be looking at creating a series of articles about weird and wonderful things, both fiction and non-fiction, along with reviews of books, films, articles and magazines. I will be trying to upkeep a regular blog covering many things which influence my writings on my travels, and hope that these will inspire you.

I currently work as an online editor and post regular features, I also work for a local county magazine, and have published many articles on a great number of subjects. I am currently working on a script review, along with further reviews of books; I will be posting regular reviews on amazon.co.uk, but will post original content in my blog to keep things consistent and in one place.

Please do follow me on twitter @AnnaMorrish and feel free to submit articles for me to review. I will try to pass on as much knowledge as I can, and will keep you updated on reviews I post on other websites. 

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