Well it's all going on. It's a new year for one... two it's gonna be the start of something big! I'm on the mend after my operation(s) yes I've had enough of them! Now I'm ready to big some serious noise!

I have it all planned out and I will be looking at an array of topics, from my incredible baking to writing in a range of styles, and of course there will be some horror thrown in!

First thing is first. I'm updating the website. It kinda needed it, and having a refresher and updating content is good for SEO... TICK!

Next I need to have some kind of structure that is properly optimised... HALF TICK.

Finally I need to network... on the to-do list and on-going.

This is a bloody nightmare! So much to do and I want it all done now.

New blog post... TICK!

I will be reviewing the Stamford event this Friday with a showing of the Rocky Horror... expect images of a rather strange nature... at least one hopes.

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